Vietnam – Hanoi (RHAN154): Project Management Office


Pentalog is an IT Company/Group providing IT outsourcing services in offshore and nearshore locations. We are present in 5 countries in Europe and Asia. We offer nearshore outsourcing and offshore outsourcing services as well as consultancy in the field of digital strategy to over 100 clients. Among them, there is a very potential client with 5 collaboratives projects in our site – Pentalog Vietnam. And in order to centralize and standardize process, quality, and project management of these all projects, Pentalog Vietnam is looking for a talent Project Management Office as following:


– Make Strategic Plan in management project;
– Coordinate/Communicate well with Project Director, Product Owner, Project Manager, Scrum Master/Team Leader of all projects;
– Provide the processes, methodologies and standards for project management;
– Build best practices, principles, templates, tools and standardized processes allowing Product Owner, … [Đọc tiếp...]

Vietnam – Hanoi (RHAN147): QC, Test Manager who knows French


Continue to expand relationships with partner which is one of the French leading suppliers of Internet service, Pentalog will help this Company to provide optimal solutions for the connection, as well as Internet access tools and safety measures for the websites exploitation. Accompanying a PHP coding team, we are looking for 1 QC/Test Manager who knows French.


– Define, organize action plans to ensure the implementation of software system according the needs/requirements of client;
– Coordinate with team to define the test strategy (test types, test levels …) ;
– Define the acceptance criteria for testing ;
– Support validation of requirements ;
– Advise the team about overall risks and trends ;
– Perform manual/explore tests ;
– Create automated test scenarios ;
– Monitor the progress of product and control development processes;
– Respect priorities … [Đọc tiếp...]

Vietnam – Hanoi (RHAN146): Project Manager (Onsite in France)


Client is a French Company which specializes in providing video solutions and service infrastructure for the delivery of interactive Live TV and video on demand (VoD) services. This is one of pilot of digital television and video on demand over IP networks. Founded in 2003 by members of VLC , this Company develops and sells digital video broadcast equipment in more than 70 countries. To continue to develop, we are looking for 1 IPTV Project Manager (onsite in France in some months), who will be responsible for deploying ITPV solutions and OTT (Over-The-Top) with the following tasks:


– Establish and follow plan with client;
– Pilot/Manage internal and external resource for installation;
– Coordinate with partners of ecosystem to resolve problems of interoperability;
– Compile, write documents of project (test, technical architecture, specifications…);
– Realize validation tests … [Đọc tiếp...]

Vietnam – Hanoi (RHAN145): Python / Django Product Owner, Scrum Master & Developers

Job description:

Client is a French company which specializes in providing video solutions and service infrastructure for the delivery of interactive Live TV and video on demand (VoD) services. Beside a testing project, they continue to develop an application that allows their clients to monitor the video installation with the first version adding 2 fonctions: how to optimize the equipment depending on the choice of channels; prepare configurations and do online only one instance for all customers. In order to develop this application, Pentalog Vietnam is looking for 1 Python Product Owner, 1 Scrum Master and 2 Developers.


* For Scrum Master & Developers:

– Experienced with Python;
– Be skillful with Django, Angular JS;
– Have knowledge of Redmine, Jenkins, GIT;
– Have PHP programming skill;
– Have knowledge of Scrum method;
– Be capable to solve issues/problems … [Đọc tiếp...]

Vietnam – Hanoi (RHAN141): Mobile Technical Leader (Android/iOS)

Description :

As one of the large and long-term client of Pentalog, not only developed in the Internet field, this time client also wants to extend to the Mobile field too. In order to expand the feature in Mobile, client want to make a product called “Controle Parentale” that is known as the Management of Parents. This is an useful product that helps them to monitor and manage easily all activities of their children on mobile phone anytime and anywhere.

To develop this project, Pentalog Vietnam is looking for experienced Mobile Technical Leader.

Responsibilities :

– Research new trend, new technology and transfer to the Team by seminar or just quick meeting;
– Study about technical requirements and anticipate the risks at the launching of each project;
– Discuss with the architect (client) when necessary to make technical points … [Đọc tiếp...]

Vietnam – Hanoi (RHAN138): Scrum Master & Ruby on Rails Developers

Job description:

Pentalog Vietnam is a branch of Pentalog High Tech from France. We are specialized in providing offshore services in the IT field. In order to meet the requirement of a new project, we need to recruit a Scrum Master & 5 Ruby on Rails Developer.

For this project, we develop an innovative and challenging project (hackathons, big computation). The solution is developed using ROR3 and Bootstrap. Right now, we are focusing on improving the current version. And after that, ROR4 will be used for the future version.

Technical Requirements:

– Have at least 1 years experience Ruby on Rails;

– Expertise and have passion in Ruby on Rails development;

– Be able to self study, update new technologies;

Management requirements:

– Have at least 2 years experience working as Scrum Master;

– Be able to communicate in … [Đọc tiếp...]

Vietnam – Hanoi (RHAN137): Scrum Master & PHP/Symfony2 Developers

Job description:

Continue expanding our activities, this time we have collaboration with Belgium client for a special project. This project is to provide a SaaS solution for dentists (in Belgium) to manage the payment with patients. For project, Pentalog Vietnam is looking for 1 talent Scrum Master and 2-3 PHP developers.


For developer:

– Have at least 3 years experience on PHP;
– Experience with Symfony2, html5, css3, bootstrap and Jquery;
– Be able to self study, update new technologies;

More for Scrum Master:

– Have at least 2 years experience working as Scrum Master;
– Be able to communicate in English fluently;
– French speaking is an advantage;
– Be capable to solve issues/problems related to the project by the flexible way.
– Good at communication


– Develop career within an international group[Đọc tiếp...]

Việt Nam – Hà Nội: Technical Leader iOS (RHAN101)

Mô tả vị trí:

Pentalog tự hào được cộng tác với một đối tác hàng đầu trong lĩnh vực chế tạo mùi thơm cho các sản phẩm tiêu dùng (ngành công nghiệp nước hoa). Hiện nay Pentalog Việt Nam triển khai một dự án chiến lược với các ứng dụng nhằm giúp khách hàng có thể tăng tính hiệu quả cũng như ổn định việc cung cấp nguyên liệu. Ứng dụng này còn cho phép người sử dụng:
– Trên di động: Lưu các số liệu quan trọng trên một thiết bị đầu cuối di động, đồng bộ hóa các số liệu này với các sản phẩm trong cơ sở dữ liệu;
– Trên trang web: Quản lý chiến lược mua bán kinh doanh,và đặt ra mục tiêu.

Để đáp ứng nhu cầu của dự án, Pentalog cần … [Đọc tiếp...]

Vietnam – Hanoi: R&D Project Manager for video equipments testing (RHAN093)

Project description: Client is a French company which specializes in providing video solutions and service infrastructure for the delivery of interactive Live TV and video on demand (VoD) services, with over 300 deployments in 50 countries representing millions of users and 10,000 live channels. The purpose of the project is to test (auto & manual) the client’s products.

Job description:

Managing a team of 4 people. Be in a direct interaction (mail/phone calls) with the client to specify the requirements of each test campaign, assign tasks to members of your team and ensure a complete reporting;

Writing automatic Python scripts for testing VOD/nPVR servers, DVB-IP gateways, and other video broadcasting servers, such as:
+ writing auto scripts from test cases using Python, tester-man, TTCN-3 language and Selenium
+ running scripts to test those servers

Writing [Đọc tiếp...]