Vietnam-Hanoi (RH162): Senior Android & PHP/Symfony/NodeJS Developers

Job description:

For Asian market, Pentalog Vietnam not only collaborates with Singaporean client but also Hong Kong client for this time. Working in the Health field (hospital, clinic) and social, they want to create a social network (SN) for them from emergent countries (like our country, Vietnam). They could share cases to find other solutions or advices, write articles and push link/information. This SN will be also available for pharmaceutic companies (push events and market studies with a workflow validation following local health law) and later to nurses.
Therefore, in order to develop project, we need Senior Android Developers (for Frontend) and PHP/Symfony2 or Laravel/NodeJS Developers (for Backend) as following:


For Android Developers:

– Minimum 3 years of experience in Android development (Expert in Android is better);
– Proactive, well self-organized and responsible in work;
– Good team … [Đọc tiếp...]